I was born in France in 1980. Since I lived and worked in different countries such as Germany, Mexico, USA, Italy.. I tend to state and learn from other societies and cultures, with the focus of translating diversities, relations and local situations in photography.          I am registered at the German Journalism Association (DJV)

Worked with: Doctors without Borders Cambodgia, NGO OPAsha Cambodgia, L'Express Magazine, Artisanal Chamber of  Leizig, Medien Stiftung Sparkasse Leipzig, City of Leipzig,  BWM Foundation Germany, Amnesty International Mexico, Ministery of Social Development of Mexico City, ONLYLYON.

Speak currently French, English, Spanish and German.



tel: +49-0/ 1768 3210 655

Leipzig, Germany

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All photographies are propriety of © Olivier Colin.

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